Side Effects of Eating Bread

Side Effect of Eating Bread

People who eat a lot of bread may be at greater risk of kidney cancer, says a new study.

Researchers from the Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan who studied over 2,300 people found that those who ate more bread had a higher risk of developing kidney cancer, reported the online edition of BBC News .

However, people should not be alarmed because more evidence is needed from larger studies. The research, published in the International Journal of Cancer, also said that there was a modest rise in the risk with pasta and rice. They noted a reduction among patients who ate more poultry, processed meat, and vegetables – whether raw or cooked.

Other products, including coffee, tea, eggs, red meat, fish, cheese, potatoes and fruit, appeared to have no bearing at all.

The report suggested that the high glycaemic index (GI) of bread, pasta and rice could be a factor in raising the risk. High GI foods raise blood sugar levels dramatically, which could feed the growth of tumors in some way. These are the factors contributing to the growth of tumors, which causes cancer.

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